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2014 Year In Review

My, how time flies! 2015 is here and it’s been a while since we’ve let you know what we’re up to. Last year was an exciting year for Cognitive Resonance, which saw the group performing for larger crowds in even larger venues! We really enjoyed seeing those of you who were able to attend our live shows, but for those who couldn’t, we wanted to share some of the highlights.

Starting off in January, we headlined the 7th Annual Wiser A Cappella Jam, our first time performing in the Carolina Theater. It was a great night which put some great vocal talent from area groups on display for a good cause. You would have been amazed at the talent in the room.

Then in March we released our cover of Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine. Our lead on that song Kristen Clyburn absolutely killed it and we are very happy with how it turned out. Big thanks to Carl Taylor at Liquid 5th Productions for making us sound our best.

Spring exploded with a number of gigs in April. Science and technology was in the air as we performed at the Paradoxos festival in Durham and the UNC Science Festival. These both gave us a chance to sing in front of new and diverse audiences. April also saw us returning to perform a show at MotorCo Music Hall, one of the liveliest venues in Durham, with special guests, Durham Academy’s XIV Hours.

Standing on stage in Kenan Memorial Stadium singing the National Anthem on the Fourth of July was probably the high point of our performances last year. The crowd was huge and took up half of the stadium. It would have been a blast just leaving it at that. However, we found out right before going on stage that we would be singing with fireworks timed to erupt during the song. Precisely when we sang ‘rockets’ red glare’ and ‘bombs bursting in air’, the sky lit up and we were accompanied by explosions. I don’t know how we’re going to top that

In August we returned to another favorite venue, the Carrboro Arts Center, for a concert with our good friends from Atlanta, Catatonic. Fresh off of their Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes win, they really brought an outstanding performance.

After performing again at Chapel Hill’s FestiFall in October, things started to wind down a little. There was something new on the way and preparations had to be made.

A new addition to the a cappella world arrived on November 6th, when Creative Director/Baritone Dave and lead Soprano Kristin brought their daughter Elaina Marie into the world. She has a great trick of babbling in whatever key we’re singing, which is very impressive to hear!

We have some really exciting news to share with you in the coming weeks so please watch this site and connect with us on social media.


Get it on Loudr

On the weekend of July 19 – 21 we visited ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ for the 2013 VoCALnation A Cappella Festival. We were all pretty excited because we had been chosen based on our submission to a video contest to be one of two opening acts for the Saturday Night Professional Showcase featuring Groove For Thought.

Original Art and Design by Ray Wu

We’re extremely excited to announce that our debut recording, our cover of Delta Rae’s Bottom of the River is now available for purchase in the iTunes store!

The track features Lauren on solo, Brian on VP, and arrangement by Dave.

We want to send out a huge amount of love to all who were involved with the process.  The track was recorded, edited, and mixed by Charlie Friday and Amanda Aldag with Clear Harmonies Productions, and mastered by Dave Sperandio.  This wonderful album art (larger version )  features original artwork and design by the talented Ray Wu .

Download it today!


Want to be the newest talented member of Cog Res? We are auditioning for a new Tenor, and we’re looking for a singer who is:

  • controlled, has range, and is capable of superior ensemble blending
  • comfortable on solos and capable of performing with a strong stage presence
  • a solid musician able to learn new music quickly
  • ready for a serious commitment and dedicated to rehearsing weekly and practicing on their own time
  • willing to travel to regional/national events

Previous a cappella experience, leadership experience, vocal percussion, and arranging skills are all definite bonuses. We rehearse on Wednesday nights in Western Raleigh, are a proud member of the Contemporary A Cappella League, and our current repertoire ranges from current Top 40 hits to indie gems to classic favorites.

Feel like we’re talking about you? E-mail us at to schedule an audition. We look forward to hearing from you!

This is the story of eight young vocalists on a quest to hear, learn, and sing a cappella music at VoCAL Nation, the annual festival for the Contemporary A cappella League.


Due to an oversight by the van rental company, getting out of Raleigh by our target time of 9am didn’t happen. However, once we packed up the van (and after a quick drive-through breakfast) we were on the road headed for Washington DC. I know what you are thinking, “eight people heading to an a cappella festival, they probably sang all the way.” And you would be wrong. In fact not a note was sung all the way to DC. The trip up was equal parts sleeping, discussing internet memes, our jobs, and the importance of the Oxford comma. Keep in mind that we being such a young group, this adventure was the first time that all eight of us would have to spend any long stretch of time together not intently focused on rehearsing. We stopped at the Wegmans in Fredricksburg, VA, which I must say, impressed all of us Wegmans virgins in the group.


Our original plan had been to check into the hotel first, freshen up, change into our gig clothes and then go to the venue. However, our late start combined with DC traffic at 4pm on a Friday made that a risky idea. We might not have made it back in time to perform. So we instead agreed to head straight to the venue for sound check.
When we arrived at the Arlington Temple United Methodist Church, parking was not easy to find. The height of the van prevented us from parking in the nearby decks. Thanks to a very generous church staff member we scored a parking spot in the church lot. This provided the perfect base of operations for the rest of the evening. There was a Gold’s gym directly across the street that offered a day-pass for $7.50. This gave us the opportunity to shower and change into performance attire.
We went to sound check and spent a good 15 minutes getting used to the stage and the sound of the room. Due to the acoustics of the room, we all had to recalibrate our internal timing to account for the echo in the room. A little disconcerting, but that’s what sound checks are for. Later, we all assembled in a nursery room to warm up and attempt to stay calm. We were sounding pretty good and there was a relaxed mood throughout the group.

Singing at the CAL Showcase

Other than some buggy microphones, our performance went extremely well. The links here are to YouTube recordings of our performance. We opened with Bottom of the River by Delta Rae, followed by Find My Way Home by The Gabe Dixon Band and ended with Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine. Our soloists killed it and we all had a lot of fun.

The showcase gave us all a chance to see what our fellow CAL groups were up to. All the groups had a lot to offer and a spectrum of styles and talent was on display. The afterparty at Continental Pool Lounge was a great opportunity to meet and mingle with our fellow vocalists.

Workshops and Professional Showcase

The workshops on Saturday were extremely insightful. The highlight for us was the master class for our group taught by Barry Carl and Lindsey Chismark. Their advice on how to gel better as a group as well as key corrections in our technique were very helpful.

Professional Showcase

What a fun time! Vox Pop from DC opened and were followed by The Glue from Switzerland. I don’t even know how to categorize the sound from The Glue but I won’t soon forget it. After intermission, Afro Blue Vocal Band came on an performed many of their hits from The Sing Off. They didn’t miss a beat and were cheered by all including what seemed like a very large contingent of Howard University alums in the audience. The featured group of the evening, Cluster, then took the stage and from the opening note performed with style and agility. Their beat-box battle culminating in a virtual vocal turntable was mind-blowing to say the least.


As we all piled into the van to come home we were still on a huge ‘aca-high’ from the weekend. We were full of ideas for how we could improve our sound and were encouraged by all of the positive feedback we received from our performance. The trip home was uneventful and included some singing, some sleeping, and more internet memes.
-John Hollingsworth, Bass

You might notice that things look…a little different around here :) .  We’ve completely overhauled the website, and will slowly be rolling out more content, including audio, video, and photos, as well as more extensive member bio information.  Please feel free to send us any feedback by clicking “Contact Us” at the very bottom of the page.

We are excited and extremely proud to announce our roster of talented, passionate, and downright classy members: Misa Kajikawa, Kristin Sroka, Lacie Scofield, Lauren Thomason, Misty Jording, Mike Maykish, Kyle Hughes, Ed Corey, Duane Donders, John Hollingsworth and Directors, Jenn Fiduccia and Dave Sroka. Rehearsals start next week – we can’t wait! Stay tuned for a massive overhaul to the site, including member bios and pics!